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Vote on Fiber Approaching; New RSF Board Members Elected

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The 2017 HOA election was a success thanks to the community's participation. We would like to congratulate Steve Dunn and Rick Sapp on their election to the RSF Association Board of Directors.

The Technology Committee is working hard on the Fiber project and residents will have a chance to vote on it in August. Take a look at our latest update on Fiber.

Water rates are going up and temperatures are rising as well! We plan to stay cool and be water wise as summer heats up.

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Nick and Rachel


Groundhog Day Be Gone!

Fiber Update

Ladies and gentlemen, I humbly stand corrected, and I hope my jaundiced and curmudgeonly outlook on Ranch connectivity continues to be lightened and regenerated by the RSFA Board’s and Tech Committee's hard work and progress on the matter...

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CDRC Confidential: No Pink Pagodas, Please

CDRC Confidential

Thankfully in Rancho Santa Fe we have the Covenant to maintain our timeless style, but only if the CDRC is vigilant. 

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Amended Bylaws Passed, Sapp and Dunn Elected to HOA Board

Elections Results

The 2017 RSF Association election concluded with just over 1,000 ballots returned, surpassing the one-third threshold required for a quorum.

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July Water News... From the desk of Marlene King, SFID Div. 3 Director

July Water News

In 2016 water bills ranged from reductions of -4.5% to increases of over 24.3%. This year’s 2017 increases range from 8% to 12.5%...

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