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UT: RSF First-Grader Climbs Mt. Whitney

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RANCHO SANTA FE — Two weeks ago, 6-year-old Anthony Slosar become one of the youngest people to ever climb Mount Whitney, but he didn’t do it for the glory. He did it for Captain America.

Before the Rancho Santa Fe first-grader made the 21-hour climb with family members on Aug. 5, he extracted a promise from his mom that if he made it to the peak, he could watch the PG-13-rated film “Captain America: Civil War.”

While Anthony said the best part of the climb was winning his movie date, he also enjoyed the catnap he took about 1,000 feet shy of the summit and the mini-Snickers bars he gobbled during snack breaks. Climbing Whitney was the final task on Anthony’s “summer of great” list. Already ticked off were his goals of learning to ride a bike and become a better swimmer.

Located in California’s Eastern Sierra Nevada range, Mount Whitney stands 14,505 feet tall, making it the highest mountain in the contiguous United States. Anthony accomplished the mountain’s famed extreme hike known as the “portal to peak,” a vertical climb of 6,000 feet over 11 miles.

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