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This Month: RSFA Candidates, School Board, SDG&E, Water, and more!

With election season in full swing for both the R. Roger Rowe School Board and the RSFA Board, there is a lot to report. As many of you already know, there are five candidates vying for one open seat on the School Board: Thomas Barton, Elise Dufresne, Steven Hughes, Jee Manghani, and Jon Yonemitsu. Here is a link to the RSF Review's "Meet the Candidates" article. Ballots for this special election on April 24 will be mailed out March 23, 2018

In a recent development, the Mikles Family is graciously sponsoring a meet-and-greet with the School Board candidates to offer them a public forum to introduce themselves to voters and discuss their views on topical issues. The Kleege Family has generously donated the use of the RSF Garden Club for this event, which is to be held this Sunday, March 18, 2018, from 6:00-7:30PM. We encourage all readers and residents to attend this forum, as it is the optimal way to get to know who's running and decide who you should support. 

The RSF Post also encourages our readers to submit opinion editorials to us which thoughtfully describe their reasons for supporting a particular candidate, provided there are no personal attacks. Candidates are welcome to submit an article as well with the intent of providing additional information which may help voters understand them and their views better. We are an equal opportunity forum for our community.  

Another new development is regarding the RSFA Board election. In this month's edition, I highlighted the importance of swallowing your pride, "sticking your neck out" and having a go at a Board seat in my article "Christy Whalen Is My Happy Place." I'm delighted to hear that another brave soul, Sharon Ruhnau, has taken the leap and thrown her hat in the ring in addition to Mike Gallagher. Of course, elections are much more interesting and selective if there are more than two candidates running for two seats in an uncontested election. (Hello?? Gen X'ers where you at??). There's still time for other Members to bite the bullet and submit their nomination forms by TODAY by 5:00PM, Monday, March 12

If one can't commit to running, how about supporting Safeguard Our San Diego Countryside(SOS) ballot initiative. SOS will help protect the residents of communities like the Ranch by giving taxpayers a chance to vote when developers want to drastically change existing density in the unincorporated areas of San Diego County. Our Ranch remains unprotected. Please read Gigi Bacon Theberge's article in this month's Post here.
Another political hot potato is one that affects the Ranch directly: Water. Please see our columnist Marlene King's hot-off-the-press article where she provides detailed information about how Covenant residents can join upcoming meetings on the issue to understand what's going on and have their say. Our other monthly contributor, CDRC Confidential Columnist Jane van Praag, discusses the fine art of editing in order to pique readers interests about the "deadly dull" but ever-important CC&Rs.
We plan on publishing an additional collection of responses from residents regarding the ongoing SDG&E pole saga. It still boggles the mind that in a designated high-risk fire area such as ours, undergrounding would not be a requirement for the replacement or installation of new lines. It is not inside information that fire specialists have warned it's not "if" but "when" we have another fire rage through our community. Why would you not reduce this risk by 100% and underground? Well now, SDG&E has at least said they will be working with the RSFA board to explore undergrounding options.
As I wrote in my Christy Whalen article, this world can make you crazy with this type of nonsensical shenanigans, but there is good news to report about the Ranch, so please have a read and get to your happy place. 


Rachel & Nick 
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