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Technology Committee Launches Internet Service Survey

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The RSF Association's Technology Committee launched a survey Friday asking members for their input on bringing high-speed internet to the Ranch.

The introduction to the survey reads:

"The Technology Committee is seeking your input to find the best high-speed fiber-optic internet solution for our community. To create and expedite a successful plan, we need to understand service levels in various areas of the Covenant. (If you have multiple properties, please complete a survey for each address.) Your help is needed and appreciated."

Click here to view the full survey. 

Previous survey efforts have indicated that poor Internet connectivity in Rancho Santa Fe is a leading impediment to improving real estate prices. According to a 2010 survey by the then-Broadband Committee, 69 percent of residents felt the poor connectivity acted as a deterrent to potential home-buyers.

Earlier this month, the Association Board voted to terminate the Letter of Intent (LOI) that had been signed with Hotwire Communications in May of this year. Consequently, a group of Rancho Santa Fe residents launched a petition asking Covenant members to sign in support of putting a less expensive version of the Hotwire Fiber project to a public vote.