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Sick and Tired of Traffic? Your Vote Matters in North County

Are you concerned with out-of-control development, traffic congestion and loss of natural open space in North County, San Diego?

So am I. My name is Jacqueline Arsivaud, and that’s why I want to be your next Supervisor for District 5.

zz-99-benjamin.pngPhoto: Jacqueline Arsivaud-Benjamin
It is time for a smart, knowledgeable supervisor who will work for the people, not the developers. Yes, we need new housing, but we need to be smarter about where it is located, otherwise, it will lead to more traffic, more pollution, and loss of natural open space. Let’s grow, but grow wisely, without destroying our amazing natural environment.

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End 24 years of developer influence. Jacqueline 2018 has a better way:

  • creating incentives for developers to build in smart growth areas
  • requiring any major general plan amendments be voted on by the public
  • requiring the Board of Supervisors to hold important public hearings in the evening since most people work during the day
  • requiring projects in high fire areas to provide full evacuation modeling before being considered
  • instituting a 5-year moratorium on County land use employees from working as lobbyists in the building industry to prevent the conflicts of interest we witness today
  • mandating Supervisors to recuse themselves from decisions on any project where the proponents have contributed to their campaigns
  • I am a no-nonsense, fiscally conservative business leader who is not beholden to any political party or special interests.
  • Republicans, Democrats and Independent voters support me for this non-partisan seat because I prioritize the needs of residents.

Let’s work together for smart housing we can actually afford in North County.

Vote for Jacqueline Arsivaud District 5, Board of Supervisors, an experienced business leader who will put the people of North County San Diego first, not developers and their investors.

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Experience matters. Knowledge Matters. Dedication Matters.

(Please click on this link to read more about developers' attempts to get the current Board of Supervisors to bundle applications to push through multiple building projects more easily without input by the voting public who would be greatly affected as a result.)