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SFID Director John Ingalls Resigns But Remains on the Ballot

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On September 11th, Santa Fe Irrigation District (SFID) Director John Ingalls resigned from his position. He released his resignation letter, stepped down immediately and stated, “If I am elected in the November 4, 2014 election to another term as the Director representing Division Three, I will not take the oath of office.”


In his letter, Ingalls endorsed his opponent Marlene King, saying, “I am grateful she has agreed to run for this important position. I hope the (SFID) Board is able to appoint her to serve the remainder of my current term.” However, the SFID Board will not appoint a replacement since the election is right around the corner.

Despite Ingalls’ resignation, his name will remain on the ballot for the SFID seat since he qualified for the ballot by the August 8th deadline, per San Diego County Registrar. However, if he receives the most votes in the November election, he still has the option to take the position since his letter is non-binding to the next term. If he receives the most votes and does not take office as he said, the SFID Board will appoint someone to serve a two year term.

But Ingalls has a history of changing his mind. Back in April, Ingalls stated that he would not run in the November election because of health reasons, but then filed for re-election before the August deadline. He also filed to run for the Rancho Santa Fe Community Services District and Fire Protection District in this election cycle, but rescinded his candidacy for those positions and remained a candidate for SFID.


Ingalls served on the SFID Board for 12 years. He says that he was not aware that Marlene King filed for the seat due to a delay in processing from the County Registrar, and only filed his papers because no one else appeared to have filed.

Marlene King remains focused on winning the election and reaching out to voters, saying “I am and will continue to run hard for the Division 3 seat.”

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