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SFID Board Rescinds Level 3 Mandatory Water Use Restrictions; Conservation is Now Voluntary

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The Santa Fe Irrigation District Board of Directors voted unanimously to discontinue its Water Shortage Response Level 3. Effective immediately (June 16, 2016), the District’s mandatory water restrictions are removed and water conservation actions are now voluntary. 

The move to voluntary conservation was made possible by the action of the State Water Resources Control Board to rescind its one-size fits all approach on water conservation. Water agencies throughout the State are now allowed to self-certify their own supply sufficiency for a period of three years, which SFID is able to do. 

The State continues to enforce a few common-sense water restrictions that include: 

  • Potable water may not be used to wash sidewalks and driveways.
  • Allowing runoff from irrigation is prohibited.
  • Shut off nozzles must be used when washing cars.
  • Irrigating outdoors during and within 48 hours following measurable rainfall is prohibited.

Since June of 2015, District customers have reduced water use by 31% cumulatively.

The Board and staff would like to thank all our customers for their successful conservation efforts and ask that they keep up the good work. 

La Niña conditions are forecast this summer, suggesting that the region will see a warmer and drier than normal year. This is a reminder that water is a precious and limited resource.

We encourage all customers to continue using their water wisely and efficiently, and to use drought tolerant plants, high efficiency irrigation, and low water use landscaping materials in future landscape projects. 

For more information on water conservation, rebates, and ways you can ensure your water use is efficient, visit the District website at


Editor's Note: This article originally published on the SFID's website. It has been modified for publication on the RSF Post.