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San Dieguito Half Marathon to Leave Rancho Santa Fe

The San Dieguito Half Marathon is one of the oldest half marathons in the country. After drama surrounding last year's San Dieguito Half Marathon reached its peak, the race will no longer be passing through Rancho Santa Fe and has been moved down to Qualcomm Stadium. 

Last year, the RSF Review quoted former RSF Association Manager Bill Overton saying “I cannot underscore the volume of complaints I’ve gotten this year about the event.” Many residents were concerned about road closures, which would not allow them to leave their houses for hours during the race. There were additional complaints regarding required signage and barricades that went up weeks before the race. Some were worried that local business might suffer, including a local flower shop, which was worried the race would interfere with their sales, as it took place on Valentines Day. Members of the Association board had differing opinions on the race.

Many of the perceived issues were a result of requirements imposed on the race by the County Roads department, according to race organizer Kathy Loper Events who were disappointed by the manner in which County Roads handled last year's event. 

The event Facebook page issued a statement explaining their decision to move the location and date of the race, "So in review of how county roads handles their permit process and signage request, how local residents felt and the way our volunteer course marshals were treated, I felt it was best to review other options for this event."

Many are sad to see the race go, and view complaints from locals as a case of a "Not in my backyard" mentality. Some local runners are so saddened to see the event moved that they have decided to do an unofficial run of the 2012 course on this coming valentines day.