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San Diego County Board Delays Community Choice Energy Study

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Many California cities are exploring the possibility of forming Community Choice Aggregation programs (CCA), which would give the local government the ability to buy and sell electricity generated by renewable resources, and negotiate with the utility provider who provides energy through the grid as a group, rather than a number of individuals.

But for the time being, the County of San Diego decided to delay a study that assess the feasibility of a CCA, which is estimated to cost around $200,000, and instead wait for the results of individual cities' studies like San Diego and Solana Beach, which are currently being conducted.

Vice Chair Kristin Gaspar explains that the reason behind delaying the study is not about being against the CCA concept, it is about doing it the right way:

“There are many jurisdictions in the feasibility process stage. There are fewer jurisdictions that actually have implemented and have a CCA operational, so in my view the CCA is still in its infancy compared to where it will be over the next few years,” Gaspar said. “What’s the rush? Let’s get it right and not rushed.”

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