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RSFA Rental Regulations: Be The Squeaky Wheel, Homeowners!

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Covenant homeowners have until next week's monthly Board meeting on Thursday, Dec. 7, at 9:00AM to submit their opinions on the prospective rental regulations the RSFA Board has proposed. This is your chance to voice your opinion and help affect and influence the Board's decision, so please send an email to immediately. We also urge Ranch residents to attend the Thurs., Dec. 7, Board meeting at the RSFA, where there will be an opportunity for member input regarding this issue. You can review the proposed rental regulations by clicking here.

Covenant members, such as Janie Licosati and Anna Waite, contributed this month with bold and compelling arguments vehemently in opposition to what they see as the insidiously invasive and overreaching nature of the proposed regulations -- from the prospective requirement of providing the names, license plate numbers, car make and models, dog breeds of all renters to prohibiting the posting of rentals on the Internet. Many fear their rights as homeowners are on the brink of being obliterated, which is understandable considering the reach of what is being proposed. There are others who are just as concerned with the Board's approach, but do want to ensure that homeowners are protected from members who, let's just say, aren't so neighborly. There have been ongoing issues with some members treating their homes like a year-round full-time business. Living next door to a permanent party house or event venue would be, well, a living hell. And just imagine trying to sell your house next to Animal House Inc. Given the prominence of home rental websites, there is an understandable concern about how this phenomenon sweeping the nation could indeed affect the neighborhood if there is not some form of guideline. But this does not mean that rules have to be so overbearing that residents feel their freedoms are being infringed upon. There is a happy medium out there -- we just need to find it all together. The first step is showing up and being heard.

As we've mentioned before, local politics is very personal, and this issue like many others in the recent past, has fueled impassioned responses from residents. The common thread woven across these issues appears to be the sense that the Board just isn't listening. As we have attempted to underline in the RSF Post on several occasions, the Board was elected to represent all members of our community -- not a chosen few. In the holiday spirit of Thanksgiving just behind us and Hanukkah and Christmas just ahead, we have faith the Board can come together with the community as a whole, listen to ALL viewpoints, and reach a compromise that both preserves the culture of the Ranch and protects homeowners' privacy and property rights. I don't know about our readers, but we here at the Post would love a little peace and harmony among our brethren and sistren. Can we get an Amen? Please?

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Nick and Rachel


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