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RSFA: Closed even for members?

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As you’ll see in this newsletter, diversity of opinion and background is alive and well in our community, if not in our homogenous Board. In our articles ranging from Rowe School Board appointments to the future of the Ranch’s architectural aesthetic, I hope you, our reader, will take pride in the passion of your neighbors, perhaps learn something new, and maybe even allow yourself to change your opinion on a subject. That’s the beauty of an open mind and independence of thought; without these elements, the world's just a regressive club with only one kind of member.

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Nick and Rachel


RSFA: A Club I Can't Join

Group Think

In one fell swoop the Board disenfranchised an entire community of people living, working and paying our HOA fees here...

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CDRC Regs Meeting: It’s Getting Hot in Here!


Who knew a CDRC meeting on the hot and happening topic of a Review of Guidelines and Regulations could be so, well, hot and happening...?

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Op-Ed: Cronyism Returns to the RSFA


RSF Association

Once again, the RSFA has silenced the younger demographic in the community, and no doubt that silence will continue...

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CDRC Confidential: The Ten Commandments

CDRC Confidential

 If there is one thing of which I am certain: This Board and our new staff are committed to operating lawfully and preventing improprieties... 

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Op-Ed: RSF School Board Appointments: An Unprecedented Compromise of Voter Rights

RSF School

On Monday, October 23, the Rancho Santa Fe school board appointed its third member within six years, defining the majority of the board (total of five seats), without an election. It is an unprecedented compromise of voter rights, and it is time to object...

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Barry Estates

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