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RSFA Board President Sends Letter to All Unregistered HOA Voters

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Voter registration in the Covenant is now at 82%, up from around 50% just a few years ago. In keeping with the current RSFA Board's policy of inclusion and transparency, Board President Ann Boon reached out to all RSF homeowners who are currently not registered to vote. If you are one of these members, you should have received the letter below.

Even though the deadline to register to vote in the upcoming HOA Board of Directors election was May 2, residents are still encouraged to submit their registration for future votes so the Covenant can reach 100% voter registration. 


Dear [Neighbor],

You are not currently registered to vote in our upcoming election, according to our records. Voter registration is not automatic, and you must be registered with the Association in order to vote in its elections. (Even if you received a survey ballot for roundabouts/traffic signals that does not necessarily mean you are registered to vote; that form was sent to all properties, registered and non-registered alike.) If you have questions about whether you are registered, please confirm with Gia at the Association office at (858) 756-1174.

Please register ASAP so that you will receive future ballots for:

  • Board of Directors Election
  • Governing Documents Association

The registration deadline for voting in the May 12, 2016, election is 5pm Monday, May 2, 2016, with all registration forms due at the Association office, 17022 Avenida de Acacias, Rancho Santa Fe.

Enclosed are forms for sole or co-owners of property. If your property is held jointly, each owner must complete a form and return it to the Rancho Santa Fe Association office. If your property is held in a corporation, partnership, trust or is part of a government entity or decedent estate, you will need a different form available at the Association office and on the Association website.

If you have questions, please call the Association office at (858)756-1174.


Ann Boon, President, Board of Directors
Rancho Santa Fe Association