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RSFA Board Funds California Highway Patrol Volunteer Programs

Members of the California Highway Patrol and volunteers from the Explorer Scouts Volunteer Program and the Senior Volunteer Program attended the RSF Board Meeting on July 7, to explain to community members the importance of the work they do and to thank them for Rancho Santa Fe’s continued support.

Following a long tradition that dates back to the 1940’s, the Association continues to support the California Highway Patrol Teen Volunteers Program known as Explorer Scouts and the CA Highway Patrol Senior Volunteer program. Both programs receive no support from the State of California.

The Explorer Scouts are particularly active around Rancho Santa Fe and take care of minor problems like traffic congestions and abandoned vehicles. The Explorer Scouts also offer help during the Ranch’s special events such as the 4th of July Parade.

The Explorer Scouts youth program currently has 15 enrolled volunteers and over the years it has fostered explorers of many ages. Young adults are trained and encouraged to pursue a long list of careers related to law enforcement.

The Senior Volunteer Program motivates citizens who want to give something back to their community.​​​​​​​​ People who are 55 years or older can be a part of this program and get involved in one of the four major categories: Administration, Public Affairs, Volunteer Use of the CHP Vehicles and Related Duties, and Ride-Alongs with Uniformed Officers.

“We really appreciate what you have done for us, especially providing the funds, as most of us are too old to keep doing car washes,” John Newman, administrator for CHP Volunteers joked. “You are supporting a great group of men and women, lawyers, nurses, doctors, and former Navy members.”

CHP North County Captain Amy Mangan, and Patrol Sergeant and Scouts Coordinating Director George Salas, both attended the July Board of Directors meeting.

Mangan and Salas highlighted the work that the current 40 volunteers do, serving up to 1500 hours a month. Both officers assured that their presence in Rancho Santa Fe would not be as visible without the volunteer program, who dedicate their time and energy to help the City.

“Some of the senior volunteers have done reserve duty or are retired from the LA County Sheriff’s department, but most of them had different careers that are helpful for the program, including education, nursing, law, and so many others...We all fill a need to come back and serve the Community, and I appreciate the opportunity to do that, without your support it wouldn’t be possible,” Newman added.

The Board will continue to fund both volunteer programs, and donated $4,500 for the Explorer Scouts and $4,000 for the Senior Volunteer Patrol.