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RSF School Board Appoints New Member

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The RSF School District has appointed a new board member just four days after the resignation of Richard Burdge. Scott Kahn, a Rancho resident of 7 years, was voted in 3-0 with one abstention.

The RSF Review reports:

"RSF School District Board President Tyler Seltzer said that he felt confident with the decision to go ahead with the appointment process for the board vacancy and felt even better about it after getting five highly qualified candidates to choose from.

The seat Kahn has been appointed to will be up for election in November, along with Seltzer and Todd Buchner’s seats.

Kahn said he looks forward to the opportunity to help hire a new superintendent. When asked by Todd Buchner about the qualities he is looking for and what he might ask of a candidate, Kahn said the superintendent needs to be a very strong administrator and he would want to know how they manage performance, their approach to the budget process, how they set goals and how they see themselves engaging with the community.

Kahn began work immediately as following his swearing-in, he went straight into closed session with the board to discuss internal candidates and on May 22, the board was scheduled to interview external superintendent candidates."

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