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RSF Review Op-Ed: What Is the Connection Between the RSF Association Board and Nick Krnich?

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Take a look at the weekly email newsletter from the Rancho Santa Fe Association (most recently May 20, 2016). At the bottom of the email it lists the Association by name, its address and telephone number, and a link to Sounds good so far right?

But if you click on that link and try to send an email to that address it will come back to you as undeliverable. If you then choose to instead enter in to your browser you will be sent not to the Assoiciation but to a website called The fact is, the official website for the Rancho Santa Fe Association is 

Furthermore, in the last week we all received in the mail a large, colorful 4-page brochure from the so-called Rancho Santa Fe Post purporting to report on the board election and other matters, and in which one of the major headlines was that "Krnich Endorses Laffer, Leheny, & Peay." There were other items in this newsletter that purported to be (at least superficially) balanced and unbiased, but the fourth and final page was devoted entirely to an article by Krnich about why he supports L, L and P, his view of the current board's accomplishments, and asking us to also support those three candidates. At the very bottom, it says, "Nick Krnich, Publisher of the" And if you do go to the website for (aka you will find articles written by Leheny and Peay and more more in the way of biased material.

So who is Nick Krnich? Why does an official Association weekly email communication to all Covenant residents not show the Association's own email address in its masthead, but instead links us to a website belonging to the RSF Post? Is he a self-styled "journalist" or is he a mouthpiece for the board? The L, L, and P slate is supported by Ann Boon; this slate has shot off fireworks proclaiming their endorsement by Krnich; Krnich in turn has a website and publishes a purported newsletter containing superficially unbiased material but also containing articles by these candidates, advocating their election, and praising the current board; and the Association's own weekly newsletter sends us to Krnich's website rather than its own if we wish to communicate. 

Coincidence or innocent mistake? Sloppy work by the board? Or something more sinister? You be the judge.