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RSF Review: Finance Committee on Osuna Ranch’s Past, Present, and Future

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(Originally posted on the RSF Review.)

The Rancho Santa Fe Association Finance Committee heard a report on the history, current status and potential future of the Osuna Ranch at its Aug. 26 meeting.

Kim Eggleston, chair of the RSF Finance Committee and director and treasurer on the RSF Association board, said that there needs to be some new financial analysis on how appropriate the Osuna property is as a community asset in today’s economic context.

One possibility to be discussed is subdividing the 24.5-acre Osuna Ranch, which is home to the historical adobe and a horse boarding facility.

Eggleston said he’s all for preserving the adobe, but only 38 percent of the horse facility boarders are Covenant residents.

“A lot of criticism (regarding) the facility is the outside users,” Eggleston said.

At the RSF Association board’s Sept. 11 retreat, the board members plan to discuss the Osuna and some options for the property.

Those include the Association subdividing the property and maintaining the adobe, or selling the lot with restrictions and losing control of the adobe. As Jerry Yahr, the chair of the Osuna committee and Association board director reported, the adobe is now protected and cannot be demolished because of achieved historical designations. He said some elevation changes may limit how the property can be subdivided and pointed out that the adobe also sits in the middle of the property and would make for some awkward lots.

“The consensus of the (Osuna Committee) group is that we’d like to see the whole property stay in its natural setting,” Yahr said. “The horse operation creates a nice mix with the adobe because it’s really how the property operated in the past.”

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