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RSF Resident Finds Success in Fashion

Fashion design is a tough business to break into, but for one Rancho Santa Fe resident and her family, success seems now to have been inevitable. What began as a hobby 12 years ago has grown into a thriving business.

Designer Alka Tolani began by selling her silk scarves at a charity event for Rady Children's Hospital. Active in the fundraising community, Tolani's intentions were not to enter the fashion scene. It wasn't until she was encouraged by her friends that Tolani began selling her designs to the wholesale California market. When Jessica Alba was spotted at a Laker's game wearing one of Tolani's designs, the brand was catapulted to international recognition. 

Alka Tolani's husband and daughter are both involved in the business, which has grown to include multiple brands and a variety of clothing items. Her pieces have been worn by numerous celebrities, and Tolani even encounters people wearing her designs when she is traveling. 

Alka told the RSF Review that:

“Passion is so critical when you create something,” said Alka. “There is no limit to growth if you are dedicated and if you are hard-working and if you have a vision. That’s what you need to have — a vision. The sky is the limit. You have to be thinking beyond your box.”

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