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RSF Patrol Reports Decline in Crime During 2015

According to the latest annual report from RSF Patrol Chief Matt Wellhouser, crime in the Ranch dipped from 2014 to 2015.

In total there were 23 burglaries in 2014 and only 16 in 2015. Most of the burglaries in 2014 were residential with only three commercial burglaries and five vehicle burglaries. In 2015, there were nine residential burglaries, seven commercial, and zero vehicle burglaries.

“Last year we handled over 4,400 calls,” Chief Wellhouser said. “Alarm calls were about 12% and many of them were false alarm calls.”

In order to cut down on false alarm calls, the RSF Patrol encourages all residents to lock their doors and secure their houses. Doing this will cut down on the patrol’s overhead and make them available for more urgent matters, Wellhouser explained.

While crime is down since 2014, traffic collisions have jumped slightly from 24 in 2014 to 35 in 2015, the Chief reported.

“Overall, we are in good shape compared to ten years ago,” Wellhouser said. “We work very closely with CHP and speed is the number one factor.” he added.

The RSF Patrol was recruited by the Board in 1976 to supplement law enforcement and is currently in its 40th year of operation. They have handled over 157,000 calls since its formation.

Every patrol officer has police experience and most officers are retired from different agencies such as homicide, SWAT, and traffic enforcement.

“Our average response time to a call is six and ½ minutes. With high priority calls we are there much faster. I am very proud of that and I don’t think many California towns have that,” Wellhouser stated.

The RSF Patrol works very closely with the California Highway Patrol and the Sheriff. According to Wellhouser, they meet once a month to discuss crime issues in the region.

“Crime doesn’t stay in RSF or Encinitas. When we have a spate of new burglaries the perpetrators who are doing it in Encinitas are also doing it in Solana Beach,” he explained.

The active exchange of information and cooperation between agencies makes the RSF Patrol very effective, he concludes.

For further information on the RSF Patrol, please visit their website or call the dispatch at (858) 756-4372.

Photo credit: RSF Patrol