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RSF Golf Club Board Endorses Finkelson, Danola, and Markstein

The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club Board of Governors recently announced their endorsement of Janet Danola, Allen Finkelson, and Ken Markstein for the RSF Association Board. The three candidates also have the organizational support of PIC (Public Interest Committee) and the RSF Homeowners group.

This endorsement comes on the heels of claims, via an email sent to golf club members, that Board President Ann Boon “hand picked” candidates Rachel Laffer, Rachel Leheny, and Terry Peay in a grand scheme to “take over the Golf Club” due to the Club’s current financial woes.

“This assertion is laughable. No one on the Board nor anyone running for the Board would even consider such an effort,” Terry Peay explains.

The claims may be in response to an ad Jim Boon, a long time Golf Club member, placed in the Review, concerning the Golf Club’s finances. (Read Jim’s Op-Ed where discusses the financial health of the Golf Club HERE).

“As I said they would, the Golf Club Board has endorsed the wife of the current Golf Club Treasurer, a past President of the Golf Club Board, and the husband of a Tennis Club Board member. The obvious conclusion to me is that THEY WANT TO CONTROL THE ASSOCIATION BOARD, SO THEY CAN SPEND YOUR FEES ON GOLF and not on the things that the 75% of our residents who are not Golf Club members want and deserve,” said Jim Boon

Terry Peay expressed gratitude for Boon’s endorsement but qualified his statement to make clear that claims that there is a conspiracy to take over the Golf Club are not only inaccurate, but ironic:

“I am grateful for any community member’s endorsement that Laffer, Leheny, and I receive,” Peay states. “But, to assume that we want to ‘take over’ or ‘micro-manage’ the Golf Club if elected cannot be further from the truth. The point Jim Boon was making is that he is concerned the Golf and Tennis Club Board Members want to take over the Association.”

As an active member of the Golf Club himself, Peay said that he and his running mates have never suggested taking over the RSF Golf Club and they wish to focus on the most critical issues affecting the Ranch.

“Besides, anyone that knows Jim Boon knows that he speaks for himself. Why wouldn’t the Golf Club members ask us about our position on this issue if they really were concerned?”

“It is more salient than ever to focus on the vital community issues affecting Rancho Santa Fe. We need to put this divisiveness and fear mongering aside. We fully support the RSF Golf Club’s Mission and Vision Statement and, more importantly, their autonomy,” Peay concluded.