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RSF Garden Club Sale Agreement Is Now Pending Approval

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On November 18th, the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club building was sold to Garden Club RSF LLC, whose manager is long-time Ranch resident Bruce Kleege. There were five other offers on the table, but Garden Club Co-President Fred Wasserman told RSF Review that the board determined Garden Club RSF LLC as the ideal buyer:

“Bruce met our two requirements. Number one, his offer was the best and, secondly, it met the community’s needs because his goal is to keep the facility for the community and that’s really important.”

Members of the Garden Club will have to vote on whether or not they approve the sale of the building. Their voting deadline is December 8th. The California Attorney General will then approve the sale, which is expected to close before the New Year.

The Resale Shoppe will continue to operate normally. It accepts donations of lightly used items such as jewelry, furniture, tools, toys, and art. The board says that the donations are needed now more than ever with other resale shops opening. Donations are tax deductible since the Garden Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

The RSF Garden Club is a 1.04 acre property with a 7,974 square foot clubhouse. It has had a long history since its inception in 1926, just three years into the existence of Rancho Santa Fe itself.

Since the Garden Club is a non-profit organization, the proceeds of the sale will go towards improving the community which was stated in a previous press release:

“The Board will seek professional help in managing the funds of the Garden Club including possibly placing the funds in a managed account at the Rancho Santa fe Foundation. The Finance Committee will review the various options and make a recommendation to the Board for the firm or organization to manage the funds.

“The funds must be used to support the goals of the Garden Club which is ‘to further the development of charitable horticulture and conservation activities both within and outside the community of Rancho Santa Fe.’ The Club in the future will continue to develop such programs and award grants to community and educational organizations that are consistent with our charter.”