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RSF Foundation Backs Thyme Together Food Truck

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The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation is backing a unique idea to help seniors in San Diego. The 'Thyme Together' food truck program is designed to serve healthy lunches to seniors at mobile home parks in and around San Diego's North County.

Paula Powers, Chair for the RSF Foundation Grants and Projects Committee, told the RSF Review, “Our research told us that a lack of adequate transportation would be an obstacle to seniors traveling to a central location for food and socialization, so we’re bringing those necessities to them.”

The program brings together additional partners like Dreams for Change, Interfaith Community Services, ProduceGood, as well as the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank.

According to the RSF Review, "The RSF Foundation is subsidizing the cost of the meals. Seniors pay a nominal amount, and Calfresh, a supplemental nutrition assistance program, is accepted for payment. Assistance with Calfresh enrollment is offered onsite."

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