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RSF Firefighters Hone Skills in 4S Ranch

The Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District's incoming crop of firefighters has been hard at work preparing to be the community's next generation of first responders. Station 2 in 4S Ranch is home to a realistic training facility where firefighters hone their skills and practice their life-saving craft.

The RSF Review has more:

"Fires were set for the firefighters to find in different locations within the training tower — be it in the “kitchen,” “living room” or “bedroom.” The firefighters entered the building after a blast from the hose, closing the door behind them.

Inside the tower, a confidence course maze on the third floor allows firefighters to practice self-rescue if they are ever trapped by debris, and the roof is also used to practice repelling from high angles for rescues.

All of the firefighters who participated in the training will be off-probation in January 2018 — as Battalion Chief of Training Dave McQuead said, that probational year will go by in a hurry."

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