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RSF Connect Update: Upscale Interiors and Backbone Conduits

Our fiber optic Central Office is being constructed in fits and starts. After a burst of activity three weeks ago to construct the concrete shell, work has yet to resume.

When it does resume, they will be building arguably the most upscale interior for a simple telecom building ever. They will build a wooden tongue and groove vaulted ceiling, not unlike what is shown in the picture below. A standard wallboard flat ceiling with an attic would be both more functional and cheaper.

Vaulted Celiing

Why would the Association spend an extra $15K (my guess) for interior aesthetics that no one will see, is actually functionally worse and will cost even more in extra air conditioning? I asked that question four times in four meetings while I was on the technology committee and got no satisfactory answer. I asked it again recently and the Association said: "It was determined that the vaulted ceiling was the best option". In other words, go away and stop bugging me.

HP Communications continues to work hard installing the backbone conduit. They received a shipment of in ground vaults and have been busy burying them at ground level wherever you see a forest of conduits sticking out of the ground. They have locking lids and a little RSF Connect logo on them. I have yet to see what HP will do for the single conduits that are on people's property lines.

In-ground Vaults

Don't forget to bug, I mean, talk to your neighbors if you live on a private road to make sure everyone on your street has signed the Association waiver to allow them to install the fiber optic network. They've said the deadline for this is the end of December.