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RSF Connect Ballots are in Your Post, So Please VOTE

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Last Thursday the RSFA Board approved the RSF Connect fiber project -- subject to a community vote. Let me write that again, subject to a community vote. The "community" includes YOU. The project's survival is not a given. Indeed, those who are not in favor of it will likely be the first ones to submit their ballots. The biggest danger is assuming the project doesn't need your vote of support, and it unravels into a "Dewey Defeats Truman" shocker.

As RSFA Tech Committee member and RSF Post columnist, Phil Trubey, discusses in his latest article, "Last Piece of the Puzzle," ballots (along with a separate survey card, ISP name/address request, and a four-page voters guide) have been mailed out, so please be on the look-out for yours. The RSFA Town Hall meeting on the project is tomorrow, Sept. 14, at 5pm at the RSF Golf Club. There will be free vino and nibbles and, most importantly, an informative discussion of the fiber project before the election results are tabulated on October 5. As Phil's article concludes, we are blessed with world-class experts in technology, finance, and leadership to design, budget, manage and execute this state-of-the-art project. Rancho Santa Fe deserves no less. Let's make it happen. Vote!

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Nick and Rachel


Last Piece of the Puzzle

Phil Trubey

This is it! We are finally ready to start building our 1 Gbps fiber optic network!

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An Old Slogan Befitting a Very Modern Board

You've come a long way way baby

The RSFA is currently looking for Mike's replacement, so if you're interested pick up and fill out a candidate form by September 20. Here's your chance to make a difference. We've come a long way babe, but we can always use another brave man...or woman! 

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CDRC Confidential


Not only is it easier to finance the purchase of an existing home to remodel than a lot, but it also takes less time to remodel than build from scratch...

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Water News…from the desk of Marlene King, S.F.I.D. Director, Div. 3

Water News

Marlene King, Santa Fe Irrigation District Director Div.3, gives us an updated look at our “potential” 2018 water rates, while illustrating how your water charges have changed during the three-year rate increase.

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