The Rancho Santa Fe Post

RSF Association Voter Registration Up 15% Since March

After learning that a large percentage of dues paying members of the Rancho Santa Fe Association were not registered to vote, some members of the Rancho Santa Fe Association initiated a campaign to increase voter registration.

From emailing neighbors to putting downloadable registration forms on the internet, community members were encouraged to participate in Association activities.

As a result, the Rancho Santa Fe Association Board has reported that voter registration increased almost 15% in just over a month, from approximately 1713 to 1954 registered voters.

While the efforts to increase voter registration has been a measurable success, almost 750 eligible community members remain unregistered.

To continue the registration drive, the Association has recently sent out a mailer to all unregistered voters. Additionally, individual members of the Rancho Santa Fe community sent out a post card this week reminding residents of the April 25th deadline to register for the upcoming Board of Directors election.

Every vote we take affects the entire community and the value of our individual homes. So, if you believe that more people should participate in important community decisions, we still have some work to do.