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Roundabouts v. Signals Town Hall Meeting Set for Sept. 16

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Residents of Rancho Santa Fe will have an opportunity to hear proponents of each side of the roundabout v. signals debate Wednesday. A town hall meeting is scheduled for September 16 at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club at 6:30 p.m.

San Diego County representatives are scheduled to attend in order to provide impartial information as well. The meeting will give members the opportunity to discuss traffic infrastructure preferences before answering an intersection survey that will be mailed out by the Association.

Only one survey will be mailed to each property owned by a dues-paying member in good standing, which includes those who may not be registered to vote. Covenant residents will have until October 25 to complete the survey.


Attendees will view pro-roundabouts and pro-traffic signal materials, which the Rancho Santa Fe Association board reviewed for accuracy and discussed at its September 3 meeting.

While the survey will not constitute a binding vote since the Association does not exercise legal authority over traffic infrastructure, it does provide evidence as to what direction the community supports.

The County of San Diego holds ultimate authority on whether or not there will be roundabouts or signals at the intersections of Via de la Valle, El Montevideo/La Valle Plateada and El Camino Del Norte. 

Survey results in the past have gone both ways. In May, a majority of attendees at a town hall meeting supported traffic lights, while 63 percent of respondents supported roundabouts in an online survey conducted by the RSF Post.