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Revised Requirements Sink Plans for Village Grocery Store


Ever since Stump’s Village Market closed in late 2015, Ranch residents have eagerly awaited a new place to shop for groceries in the village. Unfortunately, it appears they will need to wait even longer.

Last week, plans to bring a new grocery store to the village, as part of the Gateway Project, fell through following the Association’s reinsertion of requirements that were previously understood to be unfeasible.

According to those familiar with the project, the developers of the Gateway Project have found it necessary to walk away from plans to incorporate a grocery store, as meeting the RSFA Board's requirements would have been much too costly and overly-burdensome. Some of the requirements that were insisted upon included: having a grocery store forevermore at the location, even when the ground lease expires (except under very limited circumstances) and the requirement that there be pre-approval of the grocer by the RSFA Board.

The Gateway Project is a planned development by Landrock Development LLC to replace the village gas station with retail, office, open space and underground parking.

In October 2016, the CDRC approved the Gateway project leaving the Association’s approval as the next step before Landrock could move forward.

Last month it appeared as though the Association had reached an agreement with the developers following months of revisions and negotiations. Earlier this month, however, the Association sent newly revised terms to the developer effectively turning back the clock on negotiations.

It now appears that Landrock will move forward with a smaller project that does not include space for a grocery store or require the additional approval by the Association.

Update: On May 4, in executive session, the RSFA Board conceptually agreed to refined terms for the Gateway project, which include a grocery store.