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Residents of the Ranch: Mike Licosati

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Michael Licosati, who prefers to go by “Mike,” moved to Rancho Santa Fe with his wife Janie and his son from New York shortly after the events of September 11th, 2001. The tragic events led to the impetus for him to think long-term about his professional career and where he and his wife wanted to raise their family.

Mike and one of his colleagues decided to start their own investment management business in San Diego, Alder Capital, where he is a Managing Partner. This wasn’t Mike’s first experience of the San Diego area, he earned his Juris Doctor (J.D.) at the University of San Diego School of Law back in 1989.


Mike Licosati was attracted to RSF for its great schools, large lots, open spaces, and low-key active lifestyle.

The Licosati family considered living in Del Mar and Cardiff, but were ultimately attracted to Rancho Santa Fe for its great schools, large lots, open spaces, and low-key active lifestyle.

“I enjoy the active lifestyle. Between our golf course, tennis club, trail system, beautiful coastline and surf, the options seem limitless,” says Licosati when asked what he likes most about living in the Ranch.

If he could give one piece of advice to encourage success, he would say, “Perseverance, resilience, and an openness to improvement and change.” These are the things that have led him to achieve his goals and will drive him in the future. As he reflected on his career so far, he recognizes that each experience shaped his ability to succeed in his next endeavor:

“I’m in my 3rd career, which I started at 37 years old, having enjoyed and learned from two prior professions.  As a lawyer (my first career), I learned to think logically, to negotiate and to reason. As an investment banker (my second career), I learned financial analysis and business strategy.

In my current and longest endeavor, in investment management, I get to combine the lessons of my prior experience into something which requires very broad thinking.  Being open to learning and exploring new disciplines put me where I am today, in a profession I love from which I hope to never retire.”

When asked about what should be the top priority for improving the Ranch, he replied, “Easy, better internet and wireless infrastructure.”

“Just a sense of giving back to the community and knowing that improvement is possible,” says Licosati when asked about why he stays involved in Covenant issues.

Licosati has been active in the community, he works on the Health Club Steering Committee, was previously on the RSFA Finance Committee and keeps up with the activity of the Association Board by attending their meetings.  All three of his children attend the RSF Rowe School, where his wife Janie is active.