The Rancho Santa Fe Post

Residents of the Ranch: Fred Wasserman

Fred Wasserman has lived in Rancho Santa Fe with his wife Pam for several years. The couple decided to move to the community because of the beautiful weather, world class golf and tennis amenities, and the warm and welcoming community members.

Fred has been active in the RSF community for the past several years, serving on the Finance Committee of the Association while also being Co-President of the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club.

“I have enjoyed working on the Finance Committee. During the past year I was proud that this Committee has made a significant contribution to improving the understanding and managing the finances of the Association. Being a part of the rebuilding the Garden Club has also been a stimulating and rewarding experience.”

Fred’s interest for public service extends beyond the Ranch. He currently serves on the Board of the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology and has previously served on HOAs, trade associations, and the boards of several university and community organizations.

Before moving to the Ranch Fred earned his MBA from USC and his Doctorate in Public Health from UCLA. During his business career, Fred founded and managed a large healthcare company, owned and operated a health club as well as owned and managed real estate and agricultural properties.

Fred is currently running for a seat on the Rancho Santa Fe Board of Directors. He is running on a platform of open and honest governance while also increasing voter participation and technology infrastructure.

When asked about what he sees in the future for the Covenant, Fred is quick to point to current opportunities that the Board has that will improve connectivity and update existing facilities.

“The future for RSF is glowing with an opportunity to improve the infrastructure and facilities available for residents. A fiber optic network will make a big difference in improving communications and connectivity between the residents and the world. Adding a fitness center enhances the community’s attractiveness. We are one of the best communities in the United States, but with just a few more improvements, our community could easily be on top of the list.”