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Recycled Water Plans Take Shape at Board Meeting

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The Santa Fe Irrigation District, RSF Golf Club, and the RSF Community Services District are collaborating on a water recycling project which, if implemented, could save 80 million gallons of drinking water a year.  

The RSF Review reports:

"According to a report prepared by Santa Fe staff, the preliminary budget for the project, including construction, engineering and permits, is $7.122 million. Annual operating costs to produce about 240 acre feet of recycled water – or approximately 78 million gallons – are $161,000, plus annual debt service of $457,000 for the initial capital investment.

Potential sources of funding – and the division of costs among the organizations – are yet to be determined, said Mike Bardin, general manager of the Santa Fe Irrigation District, which provides water to Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach and Fairbanks Ranch."

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