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Rancho Santa Fe resident’s new business offers a secure and discreet place to keep high-end vehicles

By Joe Tash

Charles Butler is betting that Southern California’s love affair with all things car-related will translate into a hit for his new venture, a storage facility for high-end classic and exotic cars.
The Rancho Santa Fe resident has run a successful manufacturing business near Palomar Airport Road for more than 20 years, and found himself with some extra warehouse space on hand. He decided to use it to launch Rancho Santa Fe Motor Storage, what he calls a secure and discreet place to keep high-end vehicles.

The facility, which opened this month, will allow car enthusiasts a place to keep their rides, and also hang out with fellow car buffs.

“We’re catering to the automotive lifestyle. It’s like an automotive country club,” said Dean Liebowitz, a classic car expert who serves as the new facility’s general manager.

Along with the secure vehicle storage areas, the facility includes a lounge where members can have a drink, conduct a conference call, watch TV or even shower after a spin in their vehicle.

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