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RSFA Board Discusses Accounting Error, Tennis Club Improvements and Voter Friendly Elections

Rancho Santa Fe- The April meeting of the Rancho Santa Fe Association Board of Directors touched on a number of different topics including the Tennis Club’s wireless internet service and website launch, making board elections more voter friendly and an audit that revealed an accounting error which overstated the Association’s free reserves by $1.6 million.

The Audit and the $1.6 Million Error

After taking over as the Board’s Treasurer this year, Kim Eggleston pushed to have an audit several months ago, citing concerns with the way finances had been handled previously. Following the audit results this month, RSFA Manager Bill Overton said,

“what we found was internal statements overestimated projections by $1.6 million ... [but] no money is missing.”

The manager was certain to point out that the error was NOT due to malfeasance. Rather, it was attributable to poor accounting practices that have been building up over the years.

Board President Ann Boon responded by saying that she was alarmed but thankful that the problem had been found and corrective action was pursued swiftly. “The level of concern on this side of the desk was high and [Bill] did a great job handling the situation” said Boon.  Mr. Overton thanked the Association and staff for the diligence in finding and fixing the error in yet another example of how the new board is keeping its promise to be more transparent and accountable.

Association Treasurer Kim Eggleston will now meet with all finance committee members, Manager Bill Overton, as well as new Controller, Don May, to go over any remaining concerns and to reconcile the new balance sheet.

The Tennis Club Adds Almost 200 New Members

Tennis Club Manager, Dave Vanderberg reported a series of very positive developments. In addition to adding almost 200 new members this year, the club plans to launch its new website and will provide wireless internet service for Tennis Club members. The updated website will allow members to track events taking place at the club while also making reservations for courts online. The new site will also assist the club with communicating special events and programs to all of its members. Although the website is still in its beta testing phase the club plans to launch the official site very soon.

More Voter Friendly Candidate Forums

Finally, Bill Strong sent a letter this month to the Association Board encouraging them to make candidate forums more voter friendly. This prompted a discussion between board members that included suggestions such as: allowing candidates more time to present their ideas and platforms, having a moderator prompt candidates with questions from community members, and hosting candidate meet and greets after previously scheduled town hall meetings. The board will consider these and other options that would make for a more open dialogue between the candidates and RSFA members.

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