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Rancho Santa Fe Board Election Results: Ann and Kim Win

Voter participation nationwide is at historical lows. But Rancho Santa Fe proved that democracy is alive and well, with an astonishing 75% voter turnout.

Some may see this HOA Board election as relatively trivial.  However, this election was not just about who got elected but about informing and engaging a community so that whoever serves on the Board is reintroduced to the community to whom they are accountable.

Here are the results:

Your new Board Members include:

Ann Boon – 819 votes
Kim Eggleston – 823 votes

We all owe the following candidates a big thank you for their commitment and willingness to participate the democratic process.

Dr. Dom Addario – 740 votes
Susan Callahan – 689 votes

Many folks have asked me if I will continue to administer my news website. To that question, I am proud to announce that over 200 community members will be forming a new organization called Residents for an Open Community (ROC).

ROC’s mission will be to encourage the free flow of information and to promote participation in our community. The organization will be open to ANYONE who lives in the Covenant.

I will be handing over control of my websites to ROC.

I will be sending out more information including an invite to a launch party which time and location are still TBD.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words, support, and most importantly, for getting involved in our community.

As always, please let me know if you have information or questions about getting more involved.

Best Regards,