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Rancho Santa Fe Association moves forward with plans for ‘fast, reliable’ fiber-optic network

The Rancho Santa Fe Association board voted to take a big step toward speedier wireless connectivity at its March 5 meeting, approving a consultant contract with Magellan Advisors to work on building a fiber-optic network in the Covenant.

“I think everyone can agree that fast, reliable internet connectivity, or broadband, is crucial to the enhancement of this community,” said board member Philip Wilkinson, who served on the broadband committee. “We’d love to see the Covenant brought into the 21st century.”

Networks made of fiber-optic cable are capable of carrying significantly more information at faster speeds than traditional copper-wire networks. Fiber broadband can deliver as much as a gigabit (1 billion bits) per second.

Wilkinson said it’s more than just allowing people to run their businesses from home, watch movies online or allow children to do their homework with Internet that moves faster than a snail’s pace — there are many services that can apply when you have fast broadband, such as emergency services, data storage and encryption. Wilkinson himself has a Nest thermostat in his home that can be controlled through an Internet connection.

“The world is going this way, and it’s so important to have reliable, fast broadband in this community,” Wilkinson said.

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