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SD Magazine: Chef Patrick Ponsaty Brings French Fare to Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe is where you go to rest after you’ve won the world. Only about 3,000 people live here, among the eucalyptus trees and sprawling estates just east of Encinitas. It’s drop-dead country living, with none of the chew-spit yokel charm but plenty of horses and open land.

The community was designed by Lilian Rice in the 1920s. Bing Crosby’s name gets thrown onto a lot of plaques around here. He used to host a golf tourney called the Crosby Clambake with Hollywood types. Horses have accommodations most of us would envy. Polo is actually still a sport here and not just a cologne. The neighborhood is 93.4-percent white, and highly Republican.

The list of icons who’ve called RSF home is long and biopic. Bill Gates has a house here. Diet queen Jenny Craig, too. Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge. Geena Davis. Joseph Coors of the beer family. Sidney Frank, who made billions marketing Grey Goose and Jaegermeister...

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