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PIC Wages War on Civility, Using Confrontation & Divisiveness; Then Pushes Civility to “Save Us”

Vote For Independent Directors To Represent All Members Interests, Not PIC Interests!

PIC created the “confrontation” in February, intruded into confidential Board business, and usurped Board authority.  PIC will do almost anything to retain power and control.  Dirty politics hurts us all.

“Confrontation Replaces Cooperation” is a bogus theme to mislead voters, & shift blame to the victim of the PIC-generated confrontation.

Board Won’t Disclose All Manager Severance Costs

Five Unanswered Questions About $ Amounts:

Sick Leave $, Unused Vacation $, Health Ins $, Severance Total $,  and Any Other terms?

Unused Vacation said to be $160,000 additional (or 8 months!) Facts still needed.

Why not make a full and complete disclosure?   Members are paying and deserve to know.

Ex-Manager’s Annual Reviews — Were They Always Done Properly?

16 ex-Board Members & a RSFA President now claim that annual Manager reviews were always done properly, including a determination compensation was appropriate.   Really?

Is this the truth, or another case of Misleading Campaign Rhetoric attempting to deceive?

Investigation Needed Now. Why does this Board refuse to allow verification of claims by those having inside knowledge?  All 17 “Leakers” are making campaign rhetoric knowing the Board will not allow verification, claiming the information is “privileged”. Same old game. Who is the Board protecting?  Could they be protecting past PIC Boards instead of Members?   My offer to review and maintain the confidentiality as long as the facts were as claimed was denied. This was called offensive, and I was told to stop emailing the entire Board.  Pres Phil just lost his claim on being “the most open RSFA administration ever.”

Does a PIC dominated Board Protect Your Interests?   No.

In March 2006 I responded to the Board challenge to bring allegations of wrongdoing to them in writing. The March 16 RSF Review quoted a Director as saying: “if it is in writing, we can investigate.  if you are not willing to put it in writing, shut up.  I don’t want to hear it.”

All Directors were mailed a letter, offering to meet in Executive Session to review documents and proof.   Not a single Board member ever contacted the writer, or showed the least amount of interest. RESULT: No contact. Zilch. Nada.

Conclusion:  A PIC Board Will Protect PIC, NOT Members