The Rancho Santa Fe Post

PIC Group Responsible for Divisive Campaign Tactics

Submitted by: Terry Peay

With the help of PIC (Public Interest Committee) which is comprised of past presidents of the RSFA (Rancho Santa Fe Association) we have now reached a new moral low in the 80 plus year history of our beloved Rancho Santa Fe.  PIC, or the Cartel as I now refer to them, has resorted to character assassination in their desperate attempt to retain power through their hand picked candidates for the RSFA board.

PIC, also using the acronym “Concerned Citizens of Rancho Santa Fe”, is the same group of folks that under their watch allowed the Manager of the Associations salary to escalate to approximately $300,000 without any clear cut objectivity or oversight. In fear of losing their power, the Cartel has reverted to hiring investigators to go back 15 years to find the court records of Kim Eggleston’s (a candidate for the RSFA board) divorces and circulated them through the ranch. Divorces by nature are painful and contentious and should remain private. Character assassination however is intentional and it appears that this should now be expected if you challenge the Cartel.  PIC’s actions are morally corrupt and quite possibly illegal.  As a resident of RSF, it has now become clear to me that nothing will stop the Cartel unless we do.

PIC is the same 35 people that demanded that the RSFA board of directors remove Ann Boon as the President of the Association. There are 3,500 residents in the Ranch – so when did we transfer control to these past presidents who block transparency and good governance at every turn?  If you’re ever thinking about volunteering to serve on the RSFA board and you are not hand picked by the Cartel, be prepared to be investigated and have your trash gone through.

Lets vote for Kim and Ann and send the Past Presidents right back into the past where they belong!