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Op-Ed: Your Vote for Ann & Kim Made a Difference, Let's Make a Difference Again

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Enough is enough. Now fellow Covenant members are being attacked for hiring a young and talented team that does work for a number of us.

They are a very young nonpartisan digital media company that is involved on a national level in helping disenfranchised voters exercise their right to vote. They also spearheaded the privately-funded fiber feasibility study and built the website at zero cost to the Association. 

Ironically, the opposition to Rachel, Terry and Rachel has hired a big time partisan political operative who has coached them on how to divide the community on almost every important issue.

They do this, in part, by misinforming our neighbors with unsigned conspiracy nonsense distributed throughout our Community.

I started the (formerly, RSF Association News) to combat this kind of misinformation and make no apologies for hiring a firm that has the talent to help me do it.

We stood up as a community against these same tactics during the Ann and Kim election. 

Let’s do it again!