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Op-Ed: Who Are the Real Independents?

Fact is, ANN and KIM were the first two candidates in over a DECADE to win an INDEPENDENT campaign.

We are carrying on that independent tradition. No organizational endorsements. Just neighbors.

Truth is, none of us want a divisive campaign, but the same interest groups have tried to manipulate the dialogue and co-opt the term "independent," using their control of established organizations to issue endorsements and support without a vote of their membership.

We believe that representatives are a reflection of the people they are held accountable to.

Our idea of independence is understanding that the value of every other independent voice in our community is no less or more important than our own.

We won't always agree with each other, or you. But we will ALWAYS support the right to vote on ALL major projects.

Please vote. And stay independent.


Rachel Leheny, Terry Peay, Rachel Laffer
Independent Candidates Who Support Your Right to Vote


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