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Op-ed: Traffic Debate Splits Community, RSF Should Not Conduct Survey on Technical Issue

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I am not able to decide whether I support traffic signals or roundabouts. I am no expert in the traffic field and I have no special expertise at all to judge or decide which is better or which is worse.

In my opinion, both sides want to do good things for our town. However, to avoid the dissemination of any misleading data, the board should play an active role in the review of the data from both sides in a scientific manner. Without accurate data, how can I make a decision or vote?

In my mind the board should have never approved any type of survey nor called for a vote for this kind of technical issue.

As to whether the board should choose signals or roundabouts, that decision should belong to the traffic department of the County! They are the experts and they should know how to handle traffic issues. That is what the County did years ago when they installed traffic signals in our community at Calzada del Bosque and Via de la Valle without a community vote.

The decision to do the survey, in the end, will only cause a split in the community because neither side wants to lose! That should be the biggest concern for the whole community! The decision relating to traffic is a job that the county government should handle. They need to decide which is better and safer for all the people who use the road and for the residents who live in the community and are being affected by that traffic.

In our town, the residents along Paseo Delicias must have their basic needs, their safety, and their normal life respected and well protected! It is just not fair or reasonable to have the whole community, based on their preferences, decide their basic needs.

So the right thing for the board to do is very simple: tell the County to take the burden from your shoulders and let them make a decision! The ball should be in their court! The fight for the traffic issue really hurts the image of our so-called unique, quiet, and historic town! It will be a tragedy and unfortunate if it turns to be a political issue.

Some people actually do not care if it is traffic signals or roundabouts. But they are involved because they do not feel respected by the board so they have come out to fight! Think it over: If there is so much heated debate even on such a simple issue, can we draw more new buyers to this town?

Another thing I want to stress is the board should be very cautious about the “noise” on any issues. It is not wise to vote 7-0 in support of the signals today and then change your opinion the next day, voting 7-0 to overrule its old decision. And now the board is simply choosing the “sitting-on-the-fence” approach and not even daring to make any comments or talking to its residents! The board is the government for Rancho Santa Fe. You need to express your position very clearly. Otherwise, people will naturally ask what is the purpose of us electing a Board?!

If the board still wants to do the survey, my other suggestion is sending the County a cover letter stating your recommendation clearly on either signal or roundabouts. The board should play an active role in the decision making. That is the role of the government!

I agree with what Ann Boon, the President of the RSFA, said in the “RSF Review”: “I don’t mind being second guessed or attacked; that comes with the territory. But I don’t think it does this community any good to go on for months and months on an issue when we have other things to deal with.”

To find a better way for the traffic issue is just like doing an operation on a patient. When a person finds a cancer in his body and decides to have surgery, let the doctor decide how to do it! It is as simple as that! LIFE IS JUST TOO SHORT---that is what I learned from the American people!