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Op-Ed: Thomas Barton for RSF School Board

Vote for our neighbor Thomas Barton for RSF School Board!

Mail-in ballots arrive in your mailbox within the week.

With respect to all candidates, I believe Mr. Barton has the most experience in the areas needed for our School Board.

Mr. Barton earned his Ph.D. from Yale and his B.A. from Princeton. He is a professor at USD, his parents were professors at Stanford and Santa Clara. He has always lived or worked in the field of education.

As our School Board Member, Mr. Barton brings his extensive USD governing experience to improve academic excellence, assess facilities, allocate resources, and plan strategically. As a real estate CEO, Mr. Barton brings needed expertise in managing the property the school owns, maintains and considers. Mr. Barton is the only candidate with children in both the RSF elementary and middle schools, so he understands the distinct issues facing both.

In addition, Mr. Barton is fiscally conservative, he prioritizes campus security, he and his wife own and live in our District, he pays taxes here, he supports openness and transparency in our School Board, and he wants to listen to and represent you.

If you have children in the school, vote for Mr. Barton for your children's sake.

If you do not have children in the school, vote for Mr. Barton:

1) To increase your property values. As schools and homes in nearby areas have sharply risen in academics and home prices, Mr. Barton knows our community and home values remain only as strong as our school;

2) To avoid another bond. Gym repairs or replacement can be done with existing funds or private donations - as construction of the current gym was originally funded. Mr. Barton will not waste $300,000+ to put a bond on the ballot if taxpayers do not want an additional $24,000,000 bond. We are still paying on the 2010 bond. A recent audit showed our District’s long-term debt at $51,187,719; and

3) For your neighbors’ kids. Because 100% of our neighborhood children deserve to meet state minimum standards. The late Roger Rowe held our school at #1 here for so many years. Vote for Mr. Barton - he knows how to bring our state minimum academic passing rates way back up to #1.

For all this and more, please vote for Thomas Barton.

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