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Op-Ed: Take the Time to Get Informed, Vote

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It's time to vote again in Rancho Santa Fe. Regardless of your position on various issues, the most important thing is to take the time to get informed about the two groups of candidates and then vote, and get your ballot in by June 13.

For the first seven years I lived here, I didn't give local politics much thought. Now I pay closer attention and am delighted that many residents are getting more involved in shaping the direction that the community moves.

Back in 2013, only 32 percent of us voted. That number jumped to 75 percent in 2014. Let's continue to support the progress that has been made, so we all can enjoy the benefits of living here. I'm hoping for upwards of 90 percent voter turnout this year.

Think about what's important to you, ask questions of the candidates and your neighbors, and, most importantly, participate.

We live in a relatively small community where all of our votes really do matter. 

- John Rikkers

(Editor's Note: This article originally published in the RSF Review on June 2, 2016. It has been slightly modified for publication on the RSF Post.)