The Rancho Santa Fe Post

Op-Ed: Rip Van HOG Creates HOG2

The RSF Homeowners Group ("HOG") has reinvented itself. After more than a year of being a single-issue organization, focused on ending consideration of the Covenant Club ("CC"), HOG2 was unveiled in an April 29 letter to followers, after just realizing none of the candidates running support a $16 million project for a CC. HOG2 and their three partners need more wedge issues to be relevant in this election.

The April 29 letter says this election "is a referendum on the CC project,” but adds the "practices of the current board" as an issue. It goes on to claim they are about the "future" and HOG2 weakly claims the mantle of "change.” The slick letter goes on to say HOG2 has a new issue: Improved Infrastructure. Really?

Their Rip Van HOG author just woke up after having slept the past two years, when the Board they now complain about improved transparency, voter registration, accounting, and worked on two major infrastructure projects.

A come lately to the infrastructure issue, the new HOG2 does not list their desired infrastructure improvements, but is opposed to the current Board. HOG2 claims to be about the future, but joins PIC in complaining about past Board actions.

HOG2 claims the non-HOG candidates "want more time and money to pursue the CC dream,” and claims the CC is "the centerpiece of their campaign.” Both claims are false and completely misstate their opponent's position. Not as outrageous as misusing endorsements, but still false. HOG2 and its other three allies want to stop the CC, while their opponents believe Covenant members should vote on all significant projects. HOG2 wants to "Go Back to Their Future" where PIC Boards approved major projects by Board action, instead of letting members vote.

Does HOG2 really think voters will not know the current Board has reached a deal to bring 10 gigabit fiber Internet service to the entire Covenant? Claims made by HOG2 are really hogwash, as they seek other wedge issues to exploit.

All members need Directors that guarantee members will be able to vote on all major issues and projects. Only three candidates make that pledge, and they are not supported by HOG2. We need to vote for these three candidates, the ones who want to preserve our history and protect our future.

Jane van Praag