The Rancho Santa Fe Post

Op-Ed: No Freedom of Speech at the RSF Post Office?

On Friday, my fellow candidate Rachel Laffer, her 7-year-old daughter, and I headed to the Federal Post Office to talk to the community about our campaign. The opposition candidates were already there with a table, chairs, cake, and posters outside the federal building.

But the owner of the building, Susan Woolley, said we could not campaign in front of the Post Office, her sidewalk, or the parking lot. This is the same thing she did to Ann and Kim in 2014, because of her support for the other PIC-endorsed candidates.

Mrs. Woolley is also the landlord of the former Village Market building where you can find her candidates' posters in the vacant windows.

Food for thought -- she is a client of our RSFA ex-manager Pete Smith, who repaved her post office parking lot on the Association's dime several years ago. 

One of our supporters overheard Mrs. Woolley threatening to call the RSF Patrol because Rachel's daughter was sitting on the curb next to her planter box on the street. 

Threatening to call the patrol on a 7-year-old and banning free speech at a public post office. Really? 

A very sad day in RSFA politics!

Terry Peay

Update June 9, 2016 at 9:45 AM PT: Susan Woolley asserts that the Association has never paid for any improvements to her property. If this is true then I've been misinformed and deeply apologize. However, as to her assertion that she would allow others to campaign at the post office, is simply not true as we have been denied repeatedly and she simply will not return our numerous calls as she did to Ann and Kim. I stand by my statement that she threatened to call the RSF Patrol. - Terry Peay