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Op-Ed: Let's Focus On the Issues

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It is no secret that I am a fan of Ann, Kim and this Board!

I started getting involved in communicating to fellow members in 2014 when I discovered that many other members and I had no voting rights because of our strange voter registration requirements. At that time, my simple efforts to communicate information about voter registration with my neighbors were subject to censorship and ridicule.

Only 1,356 of our residents were registered to vote, or about 50% of the total eligible voters. But since the Board at that time rejected my attempt to enfranchise more of our members, I started my registration and news website -- now known as the RSF Post -- to distribute unfiltered information to our community members. The website is open for anyone to post information, subject to a simple and civil etiquette. And to this day, it includes a quick link to the voter registration forms and procedures.

I believe in inclusion, transparency, and the will of the people. I built the Post on these three principles. I don’t pretend to be an expert on our issues and believe if these principles are followed our community will have a voice that will be carried out by our Board.

I endorsed Ann and Kim for the Association Board in 2014 for two reasons: (1) I was appalled by the personal and negative attacks against them, and (2) Ann and Kim demonstrated a commitment to transparency, community involvement, and voter participation.

Ann and Kim have been steadfast in their commitment to voter participation. Few residents are likely aware, for example, that there are now 2,535 registered voters in the Rancho Santa Fe Association.

As a result, 82% of our membership is now registered!!!

I am proud of Ann, Kim, and each of the five other Board members who have worked together to bring the accounting system up to business standards, to include the community on every major decision-making process (such as roundabouts and the covenant club), and in negotiating what could be a nationally-recognized, community-owned fiber network deal.

Is it not amazing that this Board has shown a level of unity that would have been unimaginable just a few short years ago? Unanimous on almost all votes!

This election brings back some old faces with a renewed sense of divisive vitriol who don’t share my enthusiasm for progress and a fair and honest dialogue. They are attempting to “divide and conquer” the Rancho Santa Fe electorate by attacking fellow members like Mike Licosati and me.

Unsigned letters full of lies from someone who claims to know me are being circulated through the community. Who is behind this and what is their motive?

They state that I don’t even live in the Covenant and I work for the Inn.  Anyone who knows me knows I have lived in the Covenant since 2007 and have been a member of the golf club for the last nine years. And as for their assertions that I work for the Inn... not only did I just meet John Kratzer for the first time about a week ago, I play too much golf to be on anyone’s payroll! They have also started an untrue rumor that Mike Licosati doesn’t live in the Covenant. These lies have no place in Rancho Santa Fe politics!

These are the same people telling you that we should go back to the way things were before – where $1.6 million accounting oversights go undiscovered, where $12 million purchases are made without a community vote on a property worth about half that much, and where the theory of government was “take action and justify later” rather than “understand diverse perspectives and seek consensus.”

Most simply. I’m endorsing Rachel Leheny, Terry Peay, and Rachel Laffer for the Rancho Santa Fe Board this year because: (1) they will not engage and are not backed by members who will engage in divisive politics and (2) they are committed to continuing the sound work and positive trend in good governance that Ann and Kim started in 2014.