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Op-Ed: Keep the "Historic" and Dump the "Historical"

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It is very disappointing that some members of the audience very rudely interrupted RSFA Board candidate, Mr. Terry Peay, with loud noises and boos when he replied to some questions during the “Meet the Candidates” event last Thursday evening (5/12).

When you ask people to answer your questions, you should be prepared that the answer might not agree with your thought!

Mr. Peay has the right to express his position on all the different issues. We should have applauded him when he finished his talk. That is the very basic respect and well-educated behavior we should show to any speakers.

That is why I applauded all 6 candidates that evening even though I may disagree with some of their speeches. I showed my appreciation to all the candidates because they have volunteered to serve the community with their valuable time and passion.

More importantly, freedom of the speech is the most basic right for each individual in this country! It is just like what Voltaire (Francois-Marie Arouet, 1694-1778) said 400 years ago:

“I disapprove of what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it!”

All the candidates talked about keeping the “historic” Rancho Santa Fe during the meeting. I often challenge myself what is the definition of the word, HISTORIC? Do I really know the deep meaning of the word, HISTORIC? I am not a linguist. English is my second language. However, I do believe the word, HISTORIC, should have a positive and good meaning. China has 5,000 years’ history. But some parts can be called HISTORIC while the rest of it is HISTORICAL. The civilization is HISTORIC yet we all condemn the feudalism and dictatorships, which are historical.

The reason that China is growing so rapidly in the last 20 years is because the Chinese people have started to dump the dictatorship and bad customs while looking toward the future of its nation: freedom of economy, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech!

Because I came from a country with a long history, I appreciate RSF and its history. I treat it as my second hometown. However, I also realize that there is room for improvement.

We cannot only be nostalgic of the past. Instead, we should look to the future and should do whatever we can for the younger generations. We should know we should give up some old things or dump some old “HISTORICAL” in order to gain something good or better. That is called TRADE OFF!

That is why I really appreciate what the current Board is doing for the whole community though they might not do everything perfectly. That is why I really applaud from my heart all those 6 candidates for the board of 2016 though we will only vote for 3 out of 6!

Good luck to those candidates. Good luck for Rancho Santa Fe!


Wei Zhang
Resident of Historic town