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Op-Ed: Got Cancer? Try CureMatch

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New medical technologies are appearing faster than doctors can process them, and nowhere is this truer than in the generalized field of genomics and personalized medicine.

In a nutshell, personalized medicine uses your personal DNA sequence to suggest a treatment targeted to your very specific ailment.

For cancer patients, that would mean having your tumor DNA sequenced to inform the selection of the correct combination of the over 300 FDA approved cancer drugs. If you knew what the actual mutations were present in your tumor, you could target those mutations and be on the road to remission.

This all sounds great, but the unfortunate fact is that less than 2% of cancer patients have their tumors sequenced. It isn't about cost, there is instead a missing piece to the puzzle. The problem is that oncologists don't know what to do with a detailed tumor DNA sequence. They would have to be up to date on thousands of dense research reports on each one of the hundreds of cancer drugs to know which drug targets which mutation, and then you have combinatorial explosion when you consider using more than one drug.

So, CureMatch. Here in San Diego, a startup, led by a RSF resident no less, has laboriously put together a continually updated database and matching engine to recommend specific cancer drugs to fight YOUR particular tumor. Here's a link to one of their case studies. While they are a startup, the technology has been developed by their scientists over many years - they are just now trying to commercialize it and get the word out.

This is so new, your oncologist probably hasn't heard of them yet. But for a relatively small fee, they will give you a detailed report that may just save your life.

(Disclaimer: I am unaffiliated with CureMatch).