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Op-Ed: Fiber - It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

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As a long time RSFA resident and former Board member, I am thrilled with the progress the Board has made in the last two years. I look forward to more progress if we are able to elect new Board members who are positive and collaborative. 

After decades of neglect by Directors chosen by PIC and our ex-Manager (who participated in the Nominating Committee), members finally elected independent Directors, who make up our current Board. Among other accomplishments, they have:

These are wonderful achievements, and I want to thank these volunteer Directors for all their hard work to make them possible. I want to see our new Board continue these responsible practices plus:

  • Put reasonable spending limits on Board actions and most importantly,
  • Give members the right to vote on all major Homeowner's Association decisions.

So, I looked for candidates who from the outset supported the honest efforts of our volunteer Board and wanted these additional financial oversights.

Unfortunately, candidates supported by special interest groups are now claiming in their advertising the same positions originated and always held by their opponents. This leaves the electorate confused, perhaps deliberately. These special interest groups include the Golf and Tennis Clubs.

In its letter supporting their candidates, the GC Governors approved their candidates for “recognizing clearly established...obligations” to the GC. These Club candidates attacked the Board at the Annual Meeting and until recently thought fiber was something to look for in a breakfast cereal. 

Our Golf Club is an important asset, but golfers are only about a quarter of our members. Our RSFA Board needs to represent all members. Members can look at articles in the RSF Review and the RSF Post to see which candidates have always supported the Board’s good practices and improvements for our community as well as promised additional oversights. 

We want the new Board to work together to accomplish more. Creating controversy may be a clever campaign tactic, but it’s not a productive way to act on a Board.

Why would we select people for the Board who attacked the Directors who put in all these responsible programs and sought to improve infrastructure? It is about the future; and few understand why two of the Club candidates communicate with the ex-Manager.

This election is not about particular projects. It’s about establishing a solid team, independent of special interests, who can work together on projects for the benefit of all.

Jane van Praag