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Op-Ed: Enough is Enough!

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Some of you might remember that the folks who ran this town before sent my divorce paperwork and social security number around town to try and stop my independent run a few years ago.

These are the same dirty tactics they pulled on Ann and a slew of other people who have tried to take on small special interest groups that had Pete Smith do their bidding in the past (remember the $12 million Osuna purchase?). In fact, it is Pete Smith who has orchestrated the whole “Inn conspiracy” for the candidates and he is a current lobbyist for the proposed high-density, step-down housing project on Calzada.

Now, these same people are at it again. Almost every day they have an email or an advertisement with blatantly false or misleading information.

They are even trying to derail what is, literally, the most revolutionary and community-friendly fiber Internet project in the world by spreading misinformation and hosting an event for the “guy in a Jeep” who responded to the Board’s Request for Proposals and Qualifications with an offer of $14.4 million, whereby HE WOULD OWN, OPERATE, AND MANAGE an upgraded fiber network. 

And just today, Helen DiZio is trying to discredit the law firm that managed, negotiated, and is finalizing this deal – one that will increase the value of the average home in the Covenant by almost $200,000.

They have also stolen, literally, hundreds of yard signs.

They’ve used the post office as a place for their candidates alone to campaign.

They’ve used cover organizations, without input from their membership, to issue endorsements.

And they have railed against divisiveness while grounding their campaign in negativity and conspiracy.

Yet, their candidates say nothing to condemn all of this.

Enough is enough. Too much is at stake for our community.

In the last two years, we’ve cleaned up the messy Association books. We adopted proper accounting standards for the first time. We brought in first class advisors to negotiate a first class fiber deal. And now, the people that mismanaged the Association for years want their hand back in the cookie jar.

Don’t let this happen.

Please vote for Rachel, Terry, and Rachel.

- Kim Eggleston


"Therefore Orion's proposal is based on the RSF Association funding 100% of the expense associated with building and deploying such an infrastructure. After which Orion Cable Systems would own, operate and maintain the system." - Orion Cable Systems




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