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One Day to Go and 888 Outstanding Ballots

As RSFA Manager, Bob Hall, discusses with us, RSF Connect is at the top of the list this week. Let's make Covenant history, fellow residents. Today by 5:00 pm is the last day to vote for RSF Connect and the future of our Ranch. There are still many of us who have not voted, so please pop into the Association office and fill in a ballot if you've forgotten, and if you haven't, please remind your neighbors. We've taken years to get to this point regarding fiber, so let's not fail each other now. 

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Nick and Rachel


UPDATE Warp Speed Ahead: Three Days Left to Vote on RSF Connect

RSF Connect

The RSF Connect vote deadline is WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4... Last day to vote!

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Hall's Presence and the Covenant's Future

RSF Association

With Bob Hall as a calm, mediating force, along with a diligent and focused Board, and a community that can “kumbaya” its way into overcoming differences and making compromises for the benefit of the whole - I think we can achieve a lot...

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CDRC Confidential: Protecting the Protective Covenant

CDRC Confidential


Anyone who attended our Town Hall Meeting on the fiber optic project, RSF Connect, appreciates the thoughtfulness with which it is being conducted... RSF Connect meets those expectations and then some. Finally, the Ranch will be at the forefront of truly cutting-edge technology...

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Letter to the Editor - RSF Connect Project

RSF Connect Project

Unfortunately, I’ve heard teachers and parents say that our students aren’t getting the full benefit of their education because many homes simply lack the reliable internet access our students need to complete their homework assignments... I hope you will join me in support of RSF Connect...

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